John Hattie

John Hattie has done some tremendous research into classroom learning environments. In 2009, Hattie produced Visible Learning, a compilation of meta-analyses centered around academic achievement in school-aged children. From Hattie’s work, I find that my teaching has been directly inspired by two things:

  • effect size
    • From his vast research, Hattie has compiled a visible chart that ranks the effectiveness of various strategies, practices, and other factors that impact student achievement. This visible tool has already proven immensely useful in creating units that are rooted in purposeful, engaging approaches to interacting with content.
  • Hattie’s 8 mind frames for teachers
    • With this, Hattie explains the potential impact schools and teachers can have on student success. By adopting these eight active mind frames, teachers and schools alike stand a much greater chance of positively impacting student achievement. In essence, each mind frame encourages teachers and schools alike to be not just active, but interactive, as well as responsible for and responsive to student learning and success.

Overall, I think the research Hattie has done and continues to do is critical to truly understanding student success. For any teacher needing inspiration or looking for novel, effective ways to help their students succeed, Hattie is an invaluable resource.

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