Sample Student Work


  1. Grade 6 ・Ancient World History ・Innovations of Ancient Mesopotamia
    1. Working in small groups, students explored the origins behind early innovations, created a small-scale replica of their innovation, and identified the function of their innovation in contemporary societies.
      PICInnovations of WWI Poster_And_Mesopotamia
  2. Grade 10 ・Modern World History ・Innovations of World War I
    1. For this project, students worked with a partner to research the impetus behind some of the major innovations to come out of the era of the First World War. Using information obtained during their research, students collaborated in order to produce a replica of their innovation. During their presentation, students referenced their model replicas in explaining their innovation’s significance to classmates. At the end of presentation, students were asked to vote on what they felt the three most significant wartime innovations were, and why.

To come: Visual Timelines, Political Cartoons